Getting 3000 wins! | Zombs royale -

Getting 3000 wins! | Zombs royale

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Ty dxminic for the thumb like always!!!
Thanks nexuss for the 1st song
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  1. you suck bro I already have more than 4k ur so bad this is why ur in sn not ss, unsubbed, get better you bot

  2. I am on mobile en today I got 2500 wins 😂

  3. imagine having 3k wins i have 1.2k get on my level

  4. Hey mercy, do you remember me from a solo, or was it a fake?

  5. I have 2.5k solo wins now im almost at 3k wins inonly have 75 duos and 14 squds

  6. i watched the full vid and yesterday i actually got a cookie

  7. You lucky i started zr recently in szn 22 and now i have only 102 wins : (

  8. 5:47 Was he asking for mercy or was he saying your name, I guess we will never find out

  9. See how this man doesn't carry heals, and just hopes whoever hes fighting has heals

  10. how do you get the doors to open like that?

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