*GLITCHED* MAP & TEXTURES Gameplay!! | Zombs Royale - lorenzroxsoftware.com

*GLITCHED* MAP & TEXTURES Gameplay!! | Zombs Royale

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Welcome to a casual episode of Hugedemon playing with some glitched texture gameplay! Don’t forget to like, subscribe, and hit the bell!


– ZCC:

*Thumbnail: Cubic
*Editing: HugeDemon


  1. What's the new update and this is pc so they shouldn't need to update it so I don't know what is going on

  2. And it is outfit named ninja

  3. this is what happens when you don't update zr and load into a game beforehand

  4. Tbh i kinda like this map more than the classic XD

  5. U need to update your game that’s why it’s all those x’es

  6. ★ wow, that's crazy. I've recorded some awesome glitches, but never white X all over the map : ) great video

  7. 下丹刀工෴丂アツ匚卄工乃丹れ工 says:

    this is happend to me

  8. hola shayshay soi yo sniper noob cuando vamos a jugar

  9. LOL there goes the secret XD let's see if the devs are lazy enough not to patch it

  10. Does anyone wants to play duo? I am a season 1 Alpha

  11. This happened to me a while ago when radical was added but then I got the update and it got fixed

  12. its not glitched mad its just because u don't update the game

  13. I wanna do that longest game ever challenge with you guys!!!

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