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Going SICKOMODE in ZombsRoyale.io Superpower Mode

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Going SICKOMODE in ZombsRoyale.io Superpower Mode. Please leave a like and Subscribe thank you!


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  1. I wonder wat is the maximum power of thor's hammer(upgrade with full superpower)

  2. You spin faster than my internet connection

  3. Your op bro i think you are better than unlegendarynoob

  4. Nobody says it's imoisoble to get all powers second later spirit got all powers nobody bra

  5. I don’t understand, why do people are turning? Could you explain to me?

  6. How much money have u spent on zr for me abt 30 bucks

  7. I don’t love superpower cause once someone starts getting kills they become OP and end up being unstoppable.

  8. So this is why I cant win superpower

  9. teach me your ways of spinning a tmaximum velosity

  10. What region do u play on? If Asia is there a chance that u can play with me, non of my friends play this game so I have know one to play with, so can u pls?

  11. spirit: sickomode on
    me: u mean beyblade mode on

  12. hmmmmm they must have thought you're a hacker 🙂

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