GOOGLE Chose MY Zombs Royale Loadout... -

GOOGLE Chose MY Zombs Royale Loadout…

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Hi guys! In this video, I will be doing a zombs royale challenge where the engine browser GOOGLE will choose my zombs royale loadout and the weapons I can use. Hope you enjoy the video! Please like, subscribe, and watch my other videos! Have a nice day!

SHOUTOUT to Nabsniper for giving me the video idea! Thank you!

Note: Sooo Google ended up not working for me during the recording, so I resorted to Microsoft Edge…hehe…sorry since this is technically clickbait…

You guys can try this challenge out yourselves it’s pretty kewl, but scuffed at the same time lol. Also if you have any original video ideas please comment on them below!

0:00 – intro
0:12 – Microsoft Edge moment
0:27 – Spin Wheel #1
1:23 – Game #1
2:51 – Spin Wheel #2
3:14 – Game #2
5:54 – Spin Wheel #3
6:29 – Game #3
8:51 – Spin Wheel #4
9:18 – Game #4
11:02 – Spin Wheel #5
11:22 – Game #5
13:19 – Spin Wheel #6
13:40 – Game #6
15:18 – Spin Wheel #7
15:40 – Game #7
17:22 – Spin Wheel #8
17:50 – Game #8 (final)
19:10 – Outro

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Thank you for watching the video! 🙂

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  1. Vid Idea Only unique Guns/Items only. Example: Gift launcher, Shurikens, Rubber Gun goo, gun, ect

  2. it should be "Microsoft Bing chooses my loadout lol"

  3. Hey ramdonooby, how about whenever you kill someone you switch all of the things in your loadout (guns, heal, everything) and replace it with the loadout of the person you just killed.

  4. Vid idea when valentines day chest is out if I die I have to buy valentines day chests

  5. Video Idea: You need to put Emojis In the game Without Stopping. If you stop the challenge is over! 😀

  6. How u get subs I’m almost as good as u hv 39 subs

  7. Zombs royale but if I blink I have to 1 thing in my item slot

  8. Bruh I just realized that there was smoke granades in the game

  9. This is a unlike vid, unlike the others I’ve seen Lmao

  10. how tf does google not work for the 3 seconds you need it. Fake

  11. Video idea use the spinning thing to choose how much boxes you open

  12. Yo can I use this idea ? Ill give u creidit

  13. Bruh Google zombs royal not loading😡

  14. Bro that was me that u killed lmao, Az Asthma

  15. Fazerug* did a similar thing just not ina game hmmmmm

  16. @ramdonooby are you gonna do anything like a giveaway, montage, or video when you get 8k? Nice vid btw.

  17. This name is taken. Please try again. says:

    Is it just me, or dos the hunting rifle sound like some kid is getting spanked? XD

  18. I’ve been trying to watch this 3 times i can’t my brothers keeps annoying me now i’m watching at 12:00 night lol

  19. day 5 of asking: when you get a kill, you have to drop the item you killed the person with.

  20. ur so mean to ur fans but beg for mercy in the end game

  21. Ah, this video was probably so painful for you to play

  22. I don't know if you will still read the comments 3 days after but I have a video idea for you

  23. Kill Count: (Note not all kills were on camera)
    UMP: 9
    Duel Berettas: 3
    Flamethrower: 2
    Pickaxe: 1
    Pump Shotgun: 1
    Bolt Action: 1
    AWP: 1
    Glock: 1
    Hunting Rifle: 1
    RPG: 1

  24. His vids are always so long and ENTERTAINING keep up the good work. And pls post more

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