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Highlights 6 – ZombsRoyale

Elephant zr
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Music 1 : Lil Nas X – Old Town Road
Music 2 : P2WIDER
Music 3 : Indila – Tourner dans le vide
Thanks to Kz for the thumbnail !


  1. You're basically the most underrated player hands down in zr right now. I quit zr a few weeks ago so I'm gonna watch your videos sometimes and rewoke the memories, but I'm moving on, too cringey and immature players that think they rule the zr meanwhile they are just eu kids with no sense at all; not all of them but alot of them.

  2. Yes! Elephant is back with a another banger!!!!! Btw I was 7k_snake

  3. yessss, its been so long since i have heard old town road! great highlights!

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