HOW AM I THIS BIG??? | Glitch | Zombs Royale -

HOW AM I THIS BIG??? | Glitch | Zombs Royale

xL cRain
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Here is another Zombs Royale clip, enjoy 🙂 #shorts

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  1. How does bro have a mythic shotgun

  2. Ik i can do that glitch without lag on website version

  3. nope it happen when i jump out of the player and my wifi disconect then connect and i was lager as the black spiral thing in the farm place and my friend was like how th u so big

  4. If ur playing on chrome. As soon as you drop hold down spacebar and press reload on your keyboard or click the icon in the top left of your screen, wait a few seconds and then press cancel. U should turn big

  5. Bruh you stole it from either Unlegendary noob or Cooly I remember it

  6. I s33 ur on mobile.. When ur about to land like 4 seconds before u land turn off the game but keep it on for the seconds u lfrt it for wair abit longer if ur sure.. Then come back when u landed TADA

  7. lol ive had that happen to me before, its when you lag so hard

  8. This happens so much to me I have video on my channel about it

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