How Midas Became the Greatest Sniper Ever in Zombs Royale | ZombsRoyale TV -

How Midas Became the Greatest Sniper Ever in Zombs Royale | ZombsRoyale TV

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This is the story of Midas, The greatest sniper that ever was in Zombs Royale. This is his life story of how he became known as the greatest sniper in the history of Zombs Royale.

As all good stories go, this is purely for your entertainment and does not actually represent real life situations in the game. Midas is just a character so don’t go all hating in the comments about it.

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  1. i thought it was fortnite FIRE VIDEO AS ALWAYS!

  2. Bro this is awesome plz make more of these! You are awesome! 🙂

  3. I love watching your videos if this isn't on Netflix I am going to sue them

  4. this is amazing! truly different from other content, pretty genius if you ask me. i would love to see more bc i enjoyed it a lot. keep it up :3

  5. Damn this is probably the coolest zombs movie ever

  6. 0:47
    theres an M4 and a Scar and midas decides to pick up the pistol bruhhh

  7. Yes, I would love to see more episodes of this. I'm so happy I had popcorn, so decided to make some and yeahhhh. Awesome video ZRTV!

  8. My nephew spended more then 100 dollars for the fox of the chest he buyed 30 chests and have no more money on paypal and still don't got the skin pls help him … dc: G4S.swenker#5721

  9. Pls do another episode like a revenge for midas father

  10. How would u change the button layout (HUD)

  11. Jejejeje midas 😂😂😂😂😂😒😒😒

  12. The 7 minutes felt like 1 hour. This is truly a masterpiece

  13. I can listen to his voice and sleep all night

  14. Nice one Axio btw there is a military skin u should have used for it

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