How strong are Double Weapons in Zombs Royale? [OUTDATED] -

How strong are Double Weapons in Zombs Royale? [OUTDATED]

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Here is a more educational video which shows you what double weapons are and which ones are good and aren’t.

I did miss out double ballgun which is pretty broken for obvious reasons, I just couldn’t find 2 of them lol

pewdiepie music btw


  1. Who else caught wait a minute this isn't fortnite

  2. #NerfDoubleGlock to make them only like 200 damage probably they will make it 1 damage the double AK and Snipe worked they are the best

  3. How to insta kill a players in zombsroyale double deagle double snipe double rocket launchers double AK. It works for me

  4. Nice vid Chosenpai, sadly you left out my personal signature, the double deagle (:

  5. Btw double ak is for noobs who cant get wins cause they trash so dont double ak

  6. This is a scuffed version of double pump

  7. Patched. I never thought of double weapons as useful anyway

  8. Double ar 15 works if you switch when you have to reload so instead of 30 bullets you shoot 60

  9. Chosen pls some advices for solo duos or squads

  10. Dude you say pistol one is straight up usless next thing you dam know you fing WIN!!!

  11. Does this still work or is it outdated as the title says

  12. Lol one time I got a win by spamming rpgs I had 5

  13. Are you using keybinds or scrolling chosen? Cause when i try double pump or double snipe i cant get it close enough together. Pls respond! Thanks

  14. Double pump… something that fortnite took from us but zombs kept it for us to enjoy

  15. do you use keyboard or mouse to switch so quick

  16. im a bit late but u forgot about double rpg and double thor's hammer 😀

  17. Its looks like an video of mythbusters. Not bad….. I have learn that automatic ak-47. THAT WAS AMAZING!!

    Also you are the coolest YouTuber. 👍🏻💪

  18. You forgot double semi-auto and double goo-gun!

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