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  1. its funny i put my name as greg in game and the first game of playing with that name was a dub

  2. 3:03 He's talking like he sees that weapon for the first time. (It's not like he has made a whole video about it)😂

  3. Hi greg I killed you yesterday and I have got the hammer lots of times

  4. So basically the Infinity Blade but in Zombs

  5. At 0:16 seconds why is his hands off the key board and his player is still moving

  6. Please keep doing videos on this game, it’s dope and your content brings more players

  7. It's not that rare….. Your just pretty much click baiting….

  8. I hate the clickbait, the hammer is not *rare*, it literally shows up every single game.

  9. Man i was playing since release day all my friend and i would go to the library to play cause we did not have a computer 😆

  10. Once i just spawned right in front of an airdrop

  11. swear to god this guy has killed me twice in solos and he won and 1 got 2nd

  12. 8:35 YOU GOT KILLED BY VG SAMAMJU! Wich is a friend of me and hes top 10 best players for sure 2K wins (I brought him in VG clan so proud xD)

    I killed u once to but never saw my name xD

  13. How is the character still moving without him touching the keyboard?😂 0:14

  14. I wish that they will bring thors hammer and the triedent Ps. I LOVE ZOMbsroyale

  15. Great video dude, I was curious about the location of this weapon.

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