How To Get A Free Skin On Zombs Royale -

How To Get A Free Skin On Zombs Royale

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how to get a free skin without having discord
hope you enjoy


  1. Whats the recorder you use?? btw nice video i already did it but for people who didn't know especially new players it seems useful.

  2. So weird why u do that u act like a noob😭😡

  3. UnlegendaryNoob is batter and Chosen

  4. I know this but this didnt pop out can you tell me why

  5. Hi nice vid I subbed mind checking out my channel just click on my profile picture

  6. Yo youtubers, I want to share a site which you should make use of to get free gems and gold for free, it's called GameCrook.

  7. So I didn't know that but I know another way to get melee skins for free, I can upload a vid about it if you want to and you can try it out

  8. Omg I actually didn’t know this thank you so much

  9. Can u tell me how to type in chat in keyboard and mouse plz

  10. Old video, but where are you we neeeeeed the content my man

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