How to get, at 75%, a MYTHIC WEAPON ? | Zombs -

How to get, at 75%, a MYTHIC WEAPON ? | Zombs

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  1. that is the best house in the game but it's in the corner so takes a lot of time

  2. wanna have a 1v1 with my yt channel against yours so we both uploud it??

  3. bro 75% is 3 out of 4 weapons that are mythic what sort of nonsense is this
    in two games you got two mythics in this house so its 1 each game and what you opened 5 chests and got like 15 other weapons? Do your math

  4. It clickbate lol but this is my strat almost every game, and this house once game me 2 silenced AR's and a dragnoviv.

  5. bruh i tried this 9 times in a row and it never gave me a mythic

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