How To Get Big (Client/Browser/Mobile) | Zombsroyale -

How To Get Big (Client/Browser/Mobile) | Zombsroyale

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thanks for watching today’s tutorial on how to get big. surprisingly you don’t need steroids


TheFatRat – Unity x Megalovania



  1. it didn't work for me using chrome, is there a specific browser u need to be using?

  2. I rlly hope Yang does not fix this glitch 😯

  3. Don't be suprised if you see 50% of the lobby stretched abnormally

  4. thx this shi make me pop off for some reason

  5. Yeah i used to do this all the time when my wifi sucked on browser

  6. on mobile when u open zombs it's stuck on the loadin screen

  7. OMFG
    i tried this shit like 100 fucking times
    this is fucking bullshit this is retarded ive been trying 25 min this is fucking retarded fuck this

  8. sn noob, Ive seen other people in game that have been huge while playing so idk for sure if its 100% only visual to the player sometimes. Its happened to me a couple times (seeing other huge players). Anyways, thx for the vid!

  9. These tutorials are bringing me back to 2019 when Zombs was a mystery to most.

  10. Do a chunky man clip with the fet version

  11. ik how to do it on mobile because you teached us form the old video

  12. hey unlegendary i has the a clutch one i did not play this game almost a year and somehow won with lag and did not kill anyone but the last person what a weird think to happen


  14. so its a visual glitch
    edit: i just tried it its fun lol

  15. noobie make a video on how to make my banana big

  16. Everyone played this game one during quarintene

  17. I havent seen you in like 2 years, and holy sh*t! Your voice!!

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