How To Go From Noob To PRO REALLY FAST in! -

How To Go From Noob To PRO REALLY FAST in!

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How To Go From Noob To PRO REALLY FAST in Zombs Royale!
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Hey guys! So in today’s video, I discussed how to improve fast in ZombsRoyale ( With ZombsRoyale tournaments popping up more and more, players are racing to learn all the tips and tricks to improve fast. Watching this video and paying attention to all the hacks is a sure way to improve fast in ZombsRoyale and get better at ZombsRoyale overall.

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  1. i am a very og player , i havent played in like 2 years or more so this video has helped me

  2. Something you didn't mention in the video that I find important when doing the bush healing is silent healing. There more than one way to do it but the main one is switching to your melee press whatever your fire button is and don't wait for the animation or sound to finish and switch to your heals you then start drinking your potion without a sound

  3. playing on moblie in this game is so much pain you have to play with PC players

  4. wake up new poisonrain video 🥶👌🔥🔥

  5. Can you do a tutorial for like switch combos like Rev Nade.?!

  6. im happy to see u again i was with in void(tester role) clan. Good video bro.

  7. “The trident does like- 0 damage.”

    Trident takes half his health

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