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  1. Can you do more fightz I will really appreciate it and your my fav ytuber

  2. Someone had a mood to sing. Maybe in Indian English? (:
    Game was played better than on phone. I hope they'll add those skins to the classic version.
    Thank you for playing it (:.

  3. I love you and you have great game!😍😍😍😍😍😍

  4. if anyone wants to add me on zombs royale my name is ZombsRoyaleGod69 and the 4 digit code is 8069

  5. I am playing IT on mobile and IT IS fun but i Miss The old map what you are playing now is there a New map and i hate her

  6. Were you in the movie "my daddy is in heaven" ??????

  7. Ypu arent A Pro Your Just A Tryhard That Just Thinks He Is Just to Good For Evryone

  8. did anyone else notice that he missed the mythic shotgun

  9. So u even give tips bruh? Like ur a grown man playing a frickin 2 year old game, grow tf up

  10. Baxtrix has been playing since season 1

  11. " i only have ten health left oh my god". u hve 11 kid

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