How To Play Zombsroyale! (For Beginners) -

How To Play Zombsroyale! (For Beginners)

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Thanks for watching this video where i give some tips to the new players out there, I really hope it helped. Leave a like if you enjoyed, i’ll see you all next time 🙂

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  1. Im not so sure but I had a guy called unlegendarynoobs in my squad and he played pro

  2. can you do one of these for mobile, because im trashh on mobile

  3. i just started pc a week ago and im like tier 89

  4. Unlegenedary noob: friends if you have any
    Me friends what's that? I've never heard of friends

  5. ahhh I'm not pro and not noop I'm so big noooooop


  7. I got a solo win after watching this and im not a new player

  8. I can't switch from using my mouse to numbers

  9. how do you type on pc someone pls reply and tell me

  10. I've been playing for 2 years on and off😎. Only started to learn to use shotguns and snipers and grenades 😅😂😂. Before this is was P90 + spam. In my defense, it was not hopeless 😂.

  11. Ur ma inspirarion throwing impulse and frag after throwing the reverse impulse in 1 sec i made a kill

  12. for beginners: the best keybinds when first starting (in my opinion) are right click and space. It is pretty easy to get used to and allows you to pull off some simple combos like sniper AR and shotgun AR.

  13. Kill count

    Grenade: 4
    Pump Shotgun: 2
    AK: 2
    Ar-15: 2
    Bolt action: 2
    P90: 1
    RPG: 1

  14. YES i made my friend quit fortnite to play zombs

  15. dude you put comon-rare-epic-legandary-mythic but its comon-uncomon-rare-epic-legandary-mythic

  16. im so laggy that i cant even play zombs royale

  17. he so quite and younger sounding but now when you watch his vids he older sounding and he yells lol

  18. Im new but level 30 started 1 weeks ago

  19. Anyone still watching do grenade then reverse impulse. Grenade takes longer to explode so do the grenade first or they can get away easy

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