How to PRO! 2 | -

How to PRO! 2 |

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Thanks for watching! hope u learn a few things, i did noticed i mentioned less then i should’ve, but hope it still helped in a way.

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  1. New video idea try to get high kills on mobile. Love your content btw

  2. 2:15 First of all, i know ur a pro that everybody likes but u shouldn't have took out ur RPG and shot that raccoon through the window and i know ur better than that, but who cares, ur UNLEGENDARYNOOB!!!🤘🤘🤘

  3. My signal is friging low and my game is lagging so much

  4. Big fan looking for some more subscribers hit me up if ur down to 1v1

  5. When you watch a pro player get easy wins but when you play the game your in the middle of a war zone… F

  6. 4:10 (Heavy breathing)

    I have no idea why i wrote that but yeah. Lol.

  7. I think we went blosssommmmmm- unlegendary noob

  8. How can I get the noob hammer I want it so bad please tell me

  9. i play with you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. instructions unclear my family is now dead. maybe because i tried this in real life

  11. you could of took the tutter gun its dope i got 13 kills from that boy

  12. even tho i luv u and ur probably the best zr player ive ever seen, your teaching skills arent very good… you werent saying useful tips like chosens video. so if you want a slightly better how to be better video, then probably watch this video it helped me more then this video.

  13. bro i watch this and i only get 2nd place DAAAAAAAMIT

  14. I have encountered this man so many times and every time he has killed me EVERY SINGLE TIME except once

  15. Game storage is more but I play it my phone has more storage

  16. Bot : joins a game

    Real Players :Free Kills


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