How To SWEAT In Zombsroyale 2020 (gone wrong) -

How To SWEAT In Zombsroyale 2020 (gone wrong)

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today i taught you how to play cheap and sweat on players! sadly something happened (gone wron momen)


Harris Heller – Sunkissed Glow

Ross Budgen – Fall



  1. GREATER Gaming & controller customization says:

    this is how you play with short range weapons ( he then gets a scoped m4) 🙂

  2. Can u pls play with me I like ur vids so much every time u make one a cry in happiness

  3. unlengendarynoob can u show how u play on your keyboard please

  4. Let's all be honest we all died from those gas crates at least once

  5. bro how the hell do you get good like that i play the dam game 24/7 and i barely go in top 5

  6. Sounds like a Morgz video title. The only thing you forgot was “not clickbait.”

  7. Fr I though they were like OP crates so I pushed e and I got destroyed by it

  8. lets be honest the report system doesnt work in first place

  9. Do not fake unlegendary noob. Name doesnt make you pro.

  10. 4:31 That One Time You're Walking By A Window, And You Get Shot By A Bot With An Rpg

  11. if you report a player then it would bann the code that they have not by the name EX: my zr name is wooby juice they report me i get banned beacause the name links to my acc number wooby#2925

    that is what i think happends lel

  12. the infamous trio…

    -purple AR 15
    -purple Pump Shotgun
    -purple bolt action sniper

  13. 4:03 I think he is a little tired or something…each player has an ID..

  14. Noob: bop…Bop…..Bop

    Also noob: 30k subs

  15. Yo I got a myth that you can bust ( sounds kinda weird saying bust like that) do u move faster when ur knocked on water

  16. unlegendary noob: im gonna go sweat mode imediately rockets himself

  17. the game is good the cummunity is bad cause sweats like u

  18. 8:02 who else tought there wifi was out 😩🙋🏾‍♂️


  20. I'm such a big fan I put my name sub to unlegendarynoob

  21. 3:44 How do we report a player ? back right of your screen , noob

  22. One time I Saw two people fighting in a third-party them and they were so low and that’s how we got a good loot it’s so 😛

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