how to use WEAPON COMBOS (tutorial) -

how to use WEAPON COMBOS (tutorial)

jamie zr
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  1. i love watching ur vids but talk more energeticly and sound like ur not bored you will gain meny more subs

  2. pump, ar, snipe, pumpy, ar: pumpy's combo (i'm da best)

  3. can u make another 10mins chill gameplay i loved it soo much!

  4. Jamie, you are such a great zombs royale player and you deserve more subscribers and views, You made my day!

  5. Jamie ur the man can i ģet a shout out u make me play zr

  6. UnlegendaryNoob 2.0 frfr

    And as a viewer, I believe it would be better and easier to understand if you could separate this video into 2 different videos. Like this video is mainly about switches and combos, while another is about the little tips and tricks, such as the nade bouncing and how to loot efficiently.

    But yea otherwise you are doing great! Props to you 👍

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