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I Beat Zombsroyale Using One Rarity…

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Winning zombsroyale matches with different rarities. this was crazy. hope you enjoyed.


Kevin Macleod – Meatball Parade

Harris Heller – Endless Drift

TheFatRat – Unity x Megalovania

Brunuhvile – The Wolf And The Moon

Attack On Titan S4 Trailer Theme (PokeMixr Cover)

Mamorukun Curse! OST – Yo-Kai Disco (Hell’s Entrance World)

Zombie March – Sir Cubworth

Halo Theme Song Original

Bobby Cole – Trance Music For Racing Game



  1. not lying this is the best zr content ive seen in a while

  2. hey dude i am big biger begger fan pls god pls tell me how do you play so well i need a vidio how to play good pls can we be friends cause i am 13 and really love your gaming bro
    ; )

  3. i was literally on the edge of my seat, wow. more vids like this pls!

  4. You said that heal gun is purple and you use madkit. Madkit is also common 😂😂😂

  5. unlegendarynoob: who the fudge is shouting lets go so many times

  6. Noob please stop saying god so many times. It’s hurtful to many people and religons

  7. dude it was funny when he litterly said LETS GOO 2 KILSS YOOO

  8. Broo please don't stop making zr videos because there bussin


  10. Hi bro,I am the gold beetle who is ask you if you have chanel,yo record me?

  11. Bro just quit the game already ik you wanna

  12. Idea:You can only kill characters That u know the name of

  13. Next you should do using weapons on slot in order from uncommon to mythic

  14. The legendary is the best part 😂😂😂😂😂

  15. can u put a link in the next vidio bc i would like to join ur clan

  16. Hey! Your such a good youtuber and i love your videos anyways I was wondering if you could shout me out in your next video i need subscibers!!! rember my channel name is Shrek city Thanks!

  17. I have purple drink it’s technically epic 😂

  18. Instead of always doing rarity challenge you Sure do the same but every time you move up a rarity you should do you still use the guns from last round and you can still use the same rarity from last round that are not the rarity that you’re using now

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