I came back to Zombsroyale for a day... (to play with trident) - lorenzroxsoftware.com

I came back to Zombsroyale for a day… (to play with trident)

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  1. Ay Poger! Wsugud, these highlights are the same as before but with the retired Gump at least.

  2. gump pls pls pls can i have ur acount im a pro player but i have a bad acount so if u wunu give the info it will be much apresheated my discorde is zombss dream#7975 zombss there is a space after zombss btw

  3. 1:26 getting a nade to bounce like that is axtually impressive. I could never do that

  4. Yo my guy u came back to zombs for trident (Yang if ur not subbed I quit the game).

  5. comeeeeeeeeee back please try to convince ur parents

  6. When you coming back permantaly plsss 😥

  7. Hey Gump can you play Minecraft for a video please.

  8. i think we all know you still play this game widda diff name LOL

  9. Make Minecraft Videos or other videos But zr

  10. Gump why u retired felling sad the best player in ZR in my opinion or anyone u r a legend in ZR and u will be…bye

  11. bro i came back to see how ur channel is doing when i saw that u went to 8.99k subs 🙁

  12. Yo dude, if you are done playing zr, do you think I could have your account????

  13. Hey man, just letting ya know, Merry Christmas and enjoy your new year and the holiday. Cya!

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