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I dropped 20 with my old mouse…

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Thanks for watching today’s zombsroyale video where I go back to my old mouse and slap some east lobbies (only a few though)


BrunuhVille – The Wolf And The Moon

TheFatRat – Megalovania x Unity



  1. this legend wont stop

    the pause before the music after he gets the impulse snipe at 9:09 is epic

  2. Yo noob I wish I had the same setup as u bec I just play on a chromebook I've been with u for 4 years

  3. guys lets not talk about zr for a sec, let's talk about his pancakes

  4. noob you need the koala skin you better start grinding those tiers anyway love the vid

  5. so, no one is going to mention that he has 69 friend requests?

  6. Your so good your my fav YouTube oh and you liked me in Zombs I was wereibg the scuba suit

  7. Hey noob ur are my inspiration for playing zombs but they blocked it on my school computer but i play mobile now much love bro ❤️

  8. Make a tutorial vid am dying for wins

  9. I Think The Old Mouse Had More Control, Other Wise The Model D Is Too Fast At Registering. For Me I Play On a Logitech. Gaming Mouse. Love My Comment 😀

  10. noob will you do simply Saturdays because I can play now

  11. UnlegendaryNoob ain't pro, THE MOUSE IS HE'S POWER!

  12. No one:
    UnlegendaryNoob: *wipes half the zr population *

  13. Make a video of you reacting to your old video

  14. I dont play zombs anymore but nice work i cant lie

  15. he had 69 friend requests… if only if he had 10 less coins 🙁

  16. Nah man, it's for different purposes

    Zr: g703
    Mc: model o
    Cuz double clicking/ drag clicking in bedwars is a skill that not much ppl have acquired but it will rlly up ur gameplay

  17. 6:55
    Kills all the noobs
    🤣gg easy win
    if that was me I would make a game montage out of it for sure I will trickshot them 1 by 1 and they will get fucked up😆
    this reminds me about UnlegendaryNoob needs to make a video about how to play zombs royale the guy with the dragonuv
    The guy with rpgs and random ar weapons
    the guy with the uncommon smg (when he has a flamethrower
    when he sniped to purple guy
    :purple guy with the epic ar (RUNNNNNN!!!!!!)
    :UnlegendaryNoob hehe you arent escaping
    and the 3rd thing I noticed is they are all wearing bot skins😆
    bot: with the uncommon smg(he didnt use the trident
    raccoon: the one with the crossbow
    all: they all have trash looting
    UnlegendaryNoob: pro looting X

  18. Yo juego con un mouse de $5 y me va muy bien 😄👌

  19. ive made pancakes on pan atleast 20+ times and I don't get better they always come out like half burnt like some burnt spots on a side lol

  20. Bro doesn't matter that is it new mouse ur skills are still same (insane)
    Noobies never die!

  21. hey bro there's a koala skin out its just right for you, also love the vids

  22. Without you i would never say yoo.. but now i say literally everyday yoo

  23. The way he killed that last dude to get the 20 bomb was so nonchalant

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