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I found teamers in zombsroyale..

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Thanks for watching this video of commentary. some thing pretty interesting happened, hope the report system improves!


Kevin Macleod – Meatball Parade

Ross Bugden – Run

Futari No Kimochi



  1. I remember going in the same game as you I am:iwilldeafeatyou

  2. Can I have a discord invite bc I want to tryout for simply noobs plz

  3. UnlegendaryNoob has so many fakes that people team just to get that 60 bomb of sn noob bots

  4. remerber me ive killed you my zombs name is Dylan

  5. Any normal person getting a win in zombs: LETS GOOOOO

    Unlegend: ok….

  6. My teacher:what is impossible in this world
    Me:becoming as good as unleganday noob

  7. Can someone tell me what the name of the song in the backround is PLZZZ

  8. when ur trying to 1v1 ur friend in final 2 and unlegendarynoob makes a whole vid abt how i was "teaming" 🙁

  9. When the person said we all suck everyone actually sucks so yeah including you

  10. Samaju is another ytber!!!
    I commented before you said "Thats just someone using his name"!!!!

  11. I’ve killed you in a game GG and I just subbed

  12. 6:28 I know that guy, he used to be the coleader of the clan (xc) which I was in

    The clan got raided lmao

  13. Was I the only one who saw him not take the legendary raid😂🤷🤷

  14. did u guys know who is the best than everyone


  15. lol this vid has 69,669 views. kinda sus ngl

  16. I always a team with someone then kill them when j get a spray weapon

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