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Today is revalutionary

TheFatRat – Unity x Megalovania



  1. Bruh I love new season but the most thing like is u got ur signature skin 😻😻
    I am so happy!!

  2. you should get some gems to get a jungle chest

  3. ayo pog , also ggs in simply noobs saturdays it was fun but close tho

  4. yo i was at thing update at 3AM same thing happend i had to wait

  5. LoL, i was waiting for this. Already got the bp lol

  6. Hey @unlegendarynoob, i would ask if you had an OG season 1 battle pass account you can give me for free….. My biggest wish in this time is an OG zombs royale account. Just would ask :)!
    PS: Nice Video like all others

  7. always wanted battle pass but my acc cant purchase cuz is a school acc

  8. u look sooo happy in the video that it made me return to zombs.. I'm gonna load the game rn .. didn't play for 2 months lol

  9. Unlegnadrynoob dont kill people who have koala skin on

  10. In battle pass u have all koala stuff like meele and backpack

  11. bro like everyone who buys da battle pass finna be impersinatin Ulengendary Noob lmao

  12. Yang really baiting everyone's gems be cause they want unelgendarynoob skin bruh

  13. Have you ever even seen a koala lol they live in my back yard

  14. You deserve the skin I would like superpower gameplay if you could post it in time. Best zr youtuber and one of my favorite youtubers on the platform keep it up.

  15. they got Sportgamer7 skin but different

  16. lets go you got a skin I bought the battle pass because of it love you vids : )

  17. yeh i accually cried wen i saw how insane it was XD

  18. I feel as if zombs is gonna regain popularity

  19. This video is exploding that it somehow appeared on my feed after not watching ZR like forever haha.

    The skin looks very identical to your koala, now this is good stuff.

  20. i came here after seeing the skin in shop lol

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