I Put Twitch in my Name and Laughed at Everyone... (Zombs Royale) - lorenzroxsoftware.com

I Put Twitch in my Name and Laughed at Everyone… (Zombs Royale)

ItzJosh55 ZR
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  1. This is going to be my last upload for a while as I go back to college! Enjoy the video!

  2. hey i met you today in lucky lake im sad i wasnt in the video

  3. dont do this video again its so annoying please

  4. Unfortunate how people are going to hate on a clearly saterical video. I've never watched zombs royal before and I've only played a few games of it but seeing someone so passionate about this game makes me want to play a few games. Great job man, you deserve more.

  5. Hey mate, i like u content alot, and i really wanna make a colab if u want? I can give u a shoutout

  6. I hope this is satire and you aren't really a dick

  7. Such an underrared channel, your videos are awesome 🙂

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