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if i die, i delete my channel

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zombsroyale but my channel gets deleted if i die



  1. and this is just a prank i think cause the ending said deleted channnel but when i see the other video they don't have the ending

  2. I have a question for you: when is your birthday and how old are you?

  3. ok plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss dont

  4. I saw a guy impersonating you, he was my random duo. He tried to constantly convince me he was real, but he ran into the gas to grab a trident, and then I sniped someone and he grabbed the dead guys vector. He wasn’t even good he got maybe 2 kills I got 11.

  5. Class Royale voice line for the golden knight champion, unlocked in level up chests or any other chest after reaching king level 14. Starts at level 11, max level 14. Has a dash ability that cannot be canceled by anything, and chains to up to 10 targets before stopping.

  6. omg you almost made me die of heart attack

  7. I have a new ZR channel, do you have any tips or advice I can use for my first vid?

  8. U should do another video like this but instead u delete ur zr account 😅😅😅. Pls don't die 😬😬😬

  9. I have the same mouse that you are using in this vid.

  10. Hey Noob quick question.
    What screen recorder do use use to record zr content, and what video editor do you use. I'm looking for one that is free.

  11. Which time does the duo evet start in Saturday's

  12. no unlegendry noob don't delete pls don't delete i love ur vids ima huge fan

  13. Video idea – use right click as interact like me 😊. Because my binds suck

  14. What software does he use for macros? Or is it a custom programmed macro? I’ve coded a macro in python but the auto clicker is not as fast as his macro 🙁


  16. 2:38
    The sound effect that golden knight says when its played in field.
    He is a champion in clash royale, has a dash ability, melee, and ground troup, and they recently added his own emote, you can only unlock it at king level 14,rare to get from daily chests, usally get it from big boys chests.

  17. u lied noob that thing that says it no longer available is fake it part of the video it was edited and u did that on other videos

  18. btw im nopified u only won shithead cuz u had nades and ur a boomer

  19. hi unlengedary noob im stay noobei pls play toming io🤜🤛

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