IF I DIE...I Have To Spend 1K Zombs Royale Gems! (Season 23 Chest Opening) | Pt. 2 - lorenzroxsoftware.com

IF I DIE…I Have To Spend 1K Zombs Royale Gems! (Season 23 Chest Opening) | Pt. 2

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Hi guys! In this video, I will be doing a zombs royale challenge where every time I die I have to open 1 season 23 chest! I end up spending 50 dollars of zombs royale gems on the season 23 chest and opening 10 chests! Hope you enjoy the video! Please like, subscribe, and watch my other videos! Have an OP DAY!

550 LIKES for part 3 for season 24! So please like the video if you enjoyed the video!

During the video I find myself a new combo from the chest opening! Comment below your thoughts about my new combo and what I got from the chest opening!

0:00 – Intro
0:47 – Chest #1
1:15 – Gameplay!
6:54 – Chest #2
7:38 – Gameplay!
8:40 – Chest #3
9:10 – Gameplay!
11:55 – Chest #4
12:38 – Gameplay!
12:50 – Chest #5
13:02 – Audio Warning
13:09 – Gameplay!
13:33 – Chest #6
14:03 – Gameplay!
14:21 – Chest #7
14:35 – Gameplay!
15:38 – Chest #8
16:00 – Gameplay!
16:31 – Chest #9
16:43 – Gameplay!
17:14 – Chest #10
17:40 – Gameplay!
19:00 – Outro

Sadly, the last third of the video had an audio problem where it was bugged! Sorry!

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Thank you for watching the video! :)))

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  1. The only thing that hurt my ears was not hearing u a lot :p

  2. ma man used mythic in epic only still lost…

  3. Clickbait, u got 1 chest every time u died lol, i didnt expect u to pay $50 tho so lol, luv ur vid nooby

  4. Lol random nobody asked for 550 likes and got 1.2K nice

  5. The way you keep getting rares is so funny

  6. i honestly wouldve bought the ice guardian combo (except for parachute) if i had the gems i mean that looks like a cleannnnnnn combo

  7. My guy drop the thors hammer its epic only

  8. umm i'm pretty sure thors hammer isn't an epic… not sure why he counted it. He lost that round anyways so oh well

  9. Bro can u pls giv me that thunder kitty arms
    I subbed

  10. bro how come every server u go to has people who actually know how to play???? that doesn't happen to me >:(

  11. 550 LIKES For Part 3 For Season 24!
    Thoughts on the new combo and what I got from the chest opening? Comment Below!

    Spent 50 dollars of gems on the chest opening so a like would be appreciated! 🙂

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