IF I See A *SWEAT* the VIDEO ENDS! | Zombs Royale.io - lorenzroxsoftware.com

IF I See A *SWEAT* the VIDEO ENDS! | Zombs Royale.io

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Hi guys! In this video, I will be doing another zombs royale challenge suggested by AIR from Discord! It is IF I See A SWEAT in zombs royale, the VIDEO ENDS! Hope you enjoy the short video! Please like, subscribe, and watch my other videos! Have a superb day!

SHOUTOUT to AIR for giving me the video idea from Discord! Thanks!

NOTE: The video does not exactly end when I find a zombs royale sweat as I wanted to add some short clips since it was a VERY short video and just wanted to make it a little longer!

I have been running dry of video ideas! If you any original, unique video ideas, please post them in the comments section below! Thank you if you do!

In addition, I just wanted to say thank you guys for all the immense growth and support I have been receiving recently on my zombs royale videos! I am already almost at 5k Subscribers, which is just an insane amount! THANK YOU SOO MUCH!

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  1. I thought this was Parashok video (ParashokX is a youtuber btw).


  3. Sug just sion u have to get a certain amount of kills a game no over no under the amount

  4. 0:31 pretend we don’t see that sweat with the blue Santa hat.

  5. Wait wouldn’t then video end in like 5 seconds? Because ur a very sweaty boii

  6. Ok this is a vid idea or a challenge idea u should do a bunch of challenges combiend u can chosse if u want

  7. No way poggers air in my clan leader XD

  8. Aren't bots sweats tho? They do anything they can to kill u and there aim is literally aimBOT

  9. Ayo u prolly wont read this but heres a challenge:

    When you shoot, you have to move into the direction youre shooting. You dont have to shoot when you move, but you have to move when you shoot always where you are shooting

  10. "i want this video to be decent at leawst 5 min"
    me: 3:44, um…………………..

  11. how doo u have cry emote its been a year and i still dont have it

  12. At this point there are no more challenges :/

  13. Video Challenge: IF I FIND A SWEAT THE GAME ENDS! Me: so 3 secs and the game ends?

  14. If this was a samaju video then the video won't end lol

  15. Wait a minut ur a sweat so the video is one second long lol

  16. If you see a bot you have to stop playing until they leave.

  17. Do the 4 corners challenge I saw sport gamer 7 do it it looks fun 😃

  18. In the thumbnail there was only his combos

  19. vid idea:every time u see a no skin u hv to drop all of ur weapons

  20. I'm on Tier 29 *wink, anyways did you at least try my challenge? I posted the vid for it and I literally can't find a Goo Gun

  21. Video challenge if i see a sweat the vid ends, sees yourself lol jk

  22. Winning without taking damage video idea (EXTREMELY HARD)

  23. Play on inverted colors challenge (Use the magnifier tool found in the windows search bar, press ctrl+ alt +i) weapons will change colors as well as the map and skins, also gun rarities get mixed up

  24. Vid idea: Zombs royale but you cant stop moving? Rules: have to be moving the whole time and cant stop to heal, unless u move along the wall as you use the heal gun… not sure if you've done this already

  25. another vid idea, wining zombies mode without any weapons

  26. day 349 of trying to get pinged by a youtuber : (

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