Im quitting -

Im quitting

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Thanks for everything but this game isn’t an option for me anymore. hope you understand.

idk and prob some more ppl with good content but i cba putting them in here lol


  1. Don’t uiet spirit pls I like your vid

  2. I played my first game in season 3 and … this game is not the same

  3. Spirit please u can take a break but don't quit😭😭

  4. i mean i agree this game is very repetetive you go into a game u kill players that are not very good and u get ur win i might quit soon

  5. I will miss getting into a random game and see its you every 2 seconds bro 🙁

  6. Don't quit. I will really miss you! Also please unban me from your server. I did nothing.

  7. no this is not true why you and then aj :'( remember us

  8. Can’t wait to watch all your Minecraft content, it’s been a journey watching your vids on zr and I’m looking forward to what your channel has in store

  9. Reason I cant hear you and you have deep voice and I can't hear anything and I have full volume and still can't hear it

  10. Maybe you quit but your videos steal in are hearts

  11. It happens spirit but don’t quit like maybe take a break for a month or 2 come back and u will enjoy the game be done it before

  12. Stay safe enjoy the day at the fullest much love thansk read your daily plasms today and if your not with god then talk to me anyways it would be nice if you could drop a subscribe on my channel thanks!

  13. No your not Man U just killed me I had AWP assault scar and Thor hammer my name was iigetclappedii

  14. please, sometimes upload zombs 🙁 I love your videos in this game.

  15. oh noo… everything you had plus your leaving we all liked you playing zr…:(

  16. I think your vids were just fine u are my favorite youtuber

  17. Ahh didn't watch you for months and I remember your og name ZombsGaming 😓

  18. I dont understand why he picked up the blue scar over purple ak

  19. nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  20. Sorry I don't won't to watch your vids now I don't like Minecraft I'm so so sorry I'm also unsubscribeing now bye forever

  21. You'll be forever remember ZombsRoyaleGaming (Spirit). Btw this is xeraxiz (the first guy who joined your discord and asked for a first member role) GGs

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