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I’m the worst Zombs Royale two finger player!

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I only use my thumbs


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  1. i personally don’t believe that you are only playing with 2 fingers because if both of your thumbs are on the joysticks then how are you switching?? you can’t without another finger your not that fast where you can switch and move both joysticks all at the same time love the content tho and your really good!!

  2. Bro you're not the worst two fingers player you killed me before and I know because your name is jsjs but I do know you wasn't making a video that time but I know you killed me

  3. I am also a 2 finger player like you i would love to 1v1

  4. It's fine bro your still rlly good but if you try claw you can switch faster in mobile. I play on mobile and I have improved drastically when I used claw. some ppl say I'm like a PC player, but when I first tried claw I was very bad but with alot of practice u can get it bro.😁😁

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