Impersonating Zombsroyale Youtubers 2 -

Impersonating Zombsroyale Youtubers 2

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Impersonating Zombsroyale Youtubers 2. Thanks for watching, this is an updated version of the first, or another video of the first. So yes there are a bunch of repeats! (and no i didn’t curse)

Music Used

TheFatRat – Unity x Megalovania

Attack On Titan S4 Trailer Theme (Cover By PokeMixr)

Adventures A Himitsu

Harris Heller – Lavender Tower

Sportgamer7 Edit Beat from xonthebeat




  1. The first zr youtubers impression that’s very accurate

  2. I don’t like the second mic as much it’s not as satisfying to hear him scream

  3. unlegendary noob being legendary as always

  4. can i get the name of the song please @UnlegendaryNoob

  5. Demetrius Demarcus Bartholomew James III Jr. says:

    The cooly one was so perfect.

  6. Lmao y am I still watching zr when i quit

  7. I’m not gonna lie the Yoshi screams were pretty spot on 😳

  8. mello didnt seem so friendly when he said U ** THAT WAS MY KILL

  9. LOL noob running outta ideas on childhood stories. He literlly used pennywise. I mean despite from the ball.

  10. The guy wit teh Braid (sky) was me my name was DinoMelon ZR T^T 😀

  11. Dude! , all of the impersonations was so clean!

  12. Cooly is more better than you and also he is more cooler than you >:C

  13. You should look at bmc epic he just started he’s a friend that is slowly growing

  14. OMG SPRT STOLE noobs clips and put it in his edit

  15. You put really good effort in your videos 👍

  16. How come you’re pretending to be another YouTube or 😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹

  17. I watch Ajthebold and its 😂😂
    Edit : I haven't watched aj for a very long time lol and I thought you were talking about how he edits his minecraft vids but I saw the title and it says zombs royale youtubers so I thought visiting ajthebold channel and i am seeing he deleted all of his minecraft vids and is on zombs royale bruhhhhhh

    Edit 2 : is earch ajthebold minecraft and it showed up minecraft so he made a new channel for zomsb royale

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