Increase FPS and Reduce PING/MS in!!! -

Increase FPS and Reduce PING/MS in!!!

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Ahh most of you guys might know this already but just made it for ease of use. Here is discord download link: and here is Zombsroyale client link:

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💬 SS Discord link:

⚙️ Softwares used: DaVinci Resolve 16, CC Photoshop 2020

🎵 Music used:
– Kevin Macleod – Merry Go

🖥️ PC Specs:
MoBo: ASRock B365 Phantom Gaming 4
CPU: Intel core i5 9400F
GPU: Gigabyte GTX 1660 Super
Storage: Intel 660p 512gb ssd
RAM: Team T-Force Vulcan Z 16gb 3200 MHz RAM.


  1. Thnx even tho I’m not a browser player ig

  2. Did you play crystal clash cuz I believe you were in my team in crystal ….

  3. When I get a pc I will need this thanks man good vid

  4. i am poor I have a chromebook, it cant download anything and i am oceania, my lowest ms is 200 and I have almost 1 second button delay pls help me

  5. is there a way to reduce lag on zombsroyale in the discord client? because im still laggy and did all the steps ;-;

  6. well where is google u are showing microsoft edge

  7. i tried to download client…it said something went wrong and i need to try again later and i did…..still didnt work

  8. I have a windows laptop, I went on the discord app, and it won't let me download the client. 🙁

  9. Well , I thought it would be the client but I tried in browser and got 60 fps and on client I get 244 fps :l

  10. The first part of the video did you use a laptop or a Chromebook

  11. Fact: IF ur pc's refresh rate is 60 fps then u cannot get more than 60 fps no matter what…
    Fact: If u write fact befire ur comment everyone reads it till the end

  12. how do you enter browser settings in microsoft edge

  13. I cant find the hardware acceleration on me settings

  14. Mine is just capped at 60fps it says Auto Detect

  15. Kids using their school chromebooks: 0_0
    N e ways thx this helped 😀

  16. Je caresse des lions chauves sur du tango égyptien says:

    in France, with this ping you can say MERCI FREE POUR CETTE CONNEXION DE MERDE

  17. İ will back to pc in a 6 days or 5 days i hope this tactics work but i alr liked this video 🙂

  18. Don't waste your timeguys, don't waste it on the scam websites. Only GameCrook works for free gems, coins, gold or whatever for free.

  19. sniff sniff im on chromebook i cant do someof them but i still will help because i learn 2 things

  20. My discord account got banned idk why is there any other client I can use to raise my frames.

  21. How do you get that fps detector at the top left?

  22. ik the discord thing but other than that thanks bro!

  23. CRMEFtth-Tétouan -Disciplines scientifiques- says:

    Wait, will the other .Io game get high Fps ?

  24. can u one where udont download anything and on CHROMEBOOK OS

  25. I am soo sorry I missed your call I just got back from school and got back to work out lol lol thanks bro bye bye love mama bye 👋 love 💕 daddy bye 👋 bye bro bro bye bye bro bye love ❤️

  26. It says its not available what do I do?

  27. Bruh Client is also laggy when i start using high fps in discord client it got bugged and i couldn't play smooth i prefer web than client trust me it's better

  28. i have windowns 7 and i dont have hardware aaceleration

  29. how for chromebook pls i am nroek and i caent afford pc

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