INSANE Bravo6 Event Clutches! | Zombs Royale -

INSANE Bravo6 Event Clutches! | Zombs Royale

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Thanks for watching! These are event clutches from people in my clan (not the leader) Bravo6. They are pretty insane! Make sure to like and subscribe for more like this!
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Tobu – Candyland Part 2 :
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My Community Server: ​
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Contact Me on Discord: Durant35#8356
Email Me: Just dm me don’t email
Thumbnail Maker: Deadergi
Mouse: PICTEK T7
Headset: Turtle Beach Stealth 300
Keyboard: Redragon RGB K509
Editor: iMovie/Davinci Resolve
Screen Recorder: Xbox Game Bar (built in on Windows only)
I am Durant35 and I am in the clan Bravo6. I upload the best content I can as often as I can. I hope you enjoy my vids!


  1. 1:05 PY: Almost fully solo squaded B6durant being the last man standing: *uno reverse card*

  2. advice: use like hype or intense music for clutches

  3. yo durant are you gonna scrim pulse again? we were going to but never did

  4. Nice Keep It Up Buddy!
    Best Of Luck
    Nice Video's
    Best Of Luck For Your Video's dude!

  5. We got pinched hard by the other team on the other side of the river

  6. when are we going to see when b6 chokes INSANE events

  7. I have trickshotted salty banana before. Wish we could be homies lmao

  8. where is bravo 8 clutchse and bravo 7 clutches and then the oteher clan one

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