INSANE Duo Plays / Trickshots in ZombsRoyale! -

INSANE Duo Plays / Trickshots in ZombsRoyale!

Sport gamer7
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  1. 7:33 Dope Clip Sport Jeese. I honestly Feel bad for the person you clipped there. Dammm.

  2. Wait wtf is the sandy area and og lucky lake back? How did u have sticky bombs in og lucky lake and sandy area 😮

  3. the duo is better than anything the editing is so good u should have like 100ksubs by now

  4. Hello Sport gamer Wanna 1v1 big fan my brother says i can't beat u can i try?

  5. In the last one there were a lot of people spectating you

  6. love all the old clips miss the og map for zr tho

  7. I started the vid and my headphones volume were all the way up 🙁

  8. The clips in the vid some are from old times.

  9. I feel like you have grown better and better these years! Never give up! <3

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