Instinct vs Vanguard | CS Finals S6 | Zombs Royale -

Instinct vs Vanguard | CS Finals S6 | Zombs Royale

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ZCC Season 6 Clan Squad Finals!

Instinct: Leadbraw, Angrius, Pure, Zerofly, 3nuf, Julpool
Vanguard: Divine, Samaju, Chosen, Entice, Troopie, Zucc

Leadbraw YT:

Chosen YT:

Samaju YT:

The Zucc YT:

Watch two of the toughest teams in the ZCC go head to head!

– Congratulations to both teams and good luck in Season 7!

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  1. First comment again. Btw i changed my profile pic😜

  2. How do you joim clans in zr? Are there like tryouts?

  3. On discord I said you uploaded (on the assault clan discord) and right after ZombsGaming said BAN I hope he’s joking 😱

  4. Instinct, GG WP I honestly believe you’re the second or third best clan out there.

    But seriously, I’m starting to feel bad for all the clans VG keeps demolishing… 💪
    Lets win next Season too lads 😎

  5. Everything after 0:13 Very enjoyable!

    Intro getting kinda old shhh…

  6. nasa ruining his kpr for this video respect

  7. I’ve always wanted to see instinct and vanguard go head to head

  8. Great games, fun to watch. Maybe we need to stop VG for once 🤔. But it cant be SS. It has to be some other underrated clan.

  9. Two solid teams going at it! Nice vid as usual

  10. There's only one thing to say about this VGs just better

  11. No offense, but entice was streamsniping or it looked like he did

  12. VG has the majority of the good players its just lead and jug who are awesome

  13. Hello, I would like to join your clan group in Discord, I am a veteran in zombies since it came out by website and played. Ronuts # 5292

  14. Instinct should have added nut to their team and ggs

  15. The best clans of is making 1v1 holly shit 0.0
    Btw nice video and work 👍 !

    Btw GG to both team 😀 ! 😁

  16. Just a reminder again for the next tournament,Write the title third place play off for the third place video

  17. bra instinct is ass they can do better than that!

  18. I say it once i will say it again there are pros like instinc and fathom but vg arent pros …. They are gods

  19. That FTHM | Titan was not me. I was not stream sniping the match as people have accused.

  20. Ill be in there next time (moms acc) Im VG Savior

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