Is this cheating...? -

Is this cheating…?

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Today unlegendarynoob slaps kids in (with macro hacks, not really hacks actually)


TheFatRat – Unity x Megalovnia



  1. It ain’t called cheating. It’s called skill 😎

  2. the beginning was just you saying how good you were lol

  3. is macro basically autoclicker? ik this is a dum question lol

  4. It's not cheating. It's luck, skill, and high koala IQ

  5. if it were cheating, he would have been banned long ago so no it is technically not cheating plus it would be pretty stupid posting this if he knew it was cheating lol

  6. fact you did not know your own emote key makes you a legend

  7. Ik the macro is just clicking your mouse fast while you either scroll or do your custom binds

  8. Just a YouTuber with 97 subscribers… :/

    Just get me to 100 thanks 🙂

  9. quick video idea unlegendary noob, how about u came back to mobile for a day and se if u still got it?

  10. love your content man. been here since mobile days cant wait to see what new content you start doing…whatever it is im down bro

  11. ngl i would be so triggered if i got killed by the shotgun spam

  12. pls try n upload some valorant content, i think zr is dyin and it'll be gud for you and ur channel if you upload more valorant, and everytime in the sn server ur always playin valo lmao

  13. mr beast: pick a random video and everytime the person says "no", you get 1000 dollars.
    Me: (watches this vid) becomes a milliionaire
    Unlegendary Noob: OH MY, IM SO CRAZY, NO?

  14. It's always enjoyable watching noob slapping players with da OP macro

  15. I'm from hospital and I wanna say that I respect you and your content

  16. Unlejandary noob please add me in zombs royale a play a round or two with me please if yes please respond to this comment

  17. Trying to make "it's kinda braindead" a thing?

  18. Alternative title: Leaked Footage of
    UnlegendaryNoob spamming shotguns

  19. The players be like:

  20. thats all ? ahh I'm sad but next vid can u put chucky man combo

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