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  1. He has another channel where he has 700k subscribers

  2. Anyone knows do we need to buy battle pas again at the end of each season?

  3. " This is why I love to play this game alright everyone is just so terrible and I feel that I play it very well," Batrix 2018- the one that says he is good but you miss chest, you miss better weapons and you do not and you proubably play on asia server play on United states severs it is a challenge and I have Over 100 wins, you? The name is TSM_Chowder bro!!!!

  4. 12 wins LOL hahahahahhahahhahahahhahaha the game is really not that hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Sometimes someone is trying to kill me and I shoot them and go around them and they can’t keep track of me.

  6. It’s not rarest octopus is I have it but I play on phone level 68 with 235 solos only 20 fouls and 71 squads

  7. i have a extra rare emote and a extra rare spray.they are before season one the emote is a beach ball and the spray a sand castle.If you dont believe me just ask for my zombs account name and id to play together.

  8. The most og skin is The LifeGuard
    Most Og Melee is the NoobHammer

  9. Dude that's season 1 now is season 9 the spirit wolf and the fancy octopus is more rare than the rubysaur

  10. Bruh THAT IS NOT THE RAREST SKIN! the rarest is the lifeguard which i have that came before the passs

  11. Can someone sell or give me an account with season 1 battle pass

  12. I remember when season 1 started me and my friend were super hyped ant started playing and then i play with mobile from season 1 to season 7 and then skipped to season 13 and started playing with pc

  13. Dude can I hav ur account cause u don’t play any more. Lol

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