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– This man requires no introduction, Leadbraw

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*Editing: HackLoad

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  1. Dam i payed more attention to the song lmao the song was amazing

  2. How dare people giving dislike on this???!

  3. Why you upload leadbraw Montage this is not leadbraw's channel like cmon man if we want to watch him we can go to hes channel..
    Hackload ur making zcc channel deadh soon..
    U supposed to be editer not uploader.. god damn bro

  4. So many 100 year old clips but still coolo

  5. I make content 😉 but I don’t get a lot of views

  6. -This comment only exists to make the video get higher ranked-

  7. Lead is too cool for his own channel he uploads on the zcc channel

  8. shoulda used denzels Kenny beats freestyle T_T

  9. when you use a free software to edit ur vid

  10. Very entertaining! Love the clips and the editing, bravo Leadbraw and Hackload!

  11. Leadbraw should upload a montage where leadbraw got rekt by the other players . Instead of leadbraw rektz people

  12. Me when I see another ZCC video –
    Me : OOOOOHHHH another video
    ZCC : Shut up kid
    Nice video btw 😉

    Lead is one of the best players btw … bye

  13. Lead act like a bot you know like those laggy AF people bots act like one then go beast mode.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????

  14. wait…wats the music?? it was soo gud

  15. if u hate on leadbra ur a **** beacouse his vids inspires me to become good I have the same skin as him and a cool stick and backpack but I'm very good a t the game/that besides the point sub to myyt tizoskit not lots of subs like 9000

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