lucky round Zombs II -

lucky round Zombs II

f d
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  1. Lol so a lie he had it on before he left

  2. Solo in lucky lace in i will kii you for in play on computer so i pro

  3. what region do u play on zombsroyale f d
    i wanna 1v1

  4. Yo i remember u you killed me so many times lol

  5. I remember killing u in duos and squads so many times… didn’t know u had a yt

  6. It’s so laggy when you record, same with me lmao, good video btw

  7. Jack anderson it’s a complint. It’s so rare to find that in a actual human being

  8. I respect that your not a sweat and still good at the game

  9. I love your channel İ learned from you Zombs royale thank u

  10. I've already fought with you, you're also a real VIP.
    Nick I'm TOAN X VN WANTED.
    Looking forward to rematch

  11. I didn't know you posted the video, really

  12. Hi, I need to know how to uncap FPS please😊😇

  13. If u play Asia servers I might have actually saw u

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