Making my fans 1v1 in ZombsRoyale!! -

Making my fans 1v1 in ZombsRoyale!!

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  1. ay just sayin 20 fps 90 ms and i bad so ofc i lose

  2. Anyone knows how to apply for these videos? Does he have a discord or something?

  3. bruh ive beaten sharkfin before woulda been nice to get free clout and the experience.

  4. im ngl not to be cocky but i lowkey im probably the best in these comments lol put me in that

  5. these mfers were like 5 when the game came out 💀

  6. how you make those super realistic thumbnails

  7. yo sport how can we join this bro i wanna 1v1 some random fan

  8. want to do a zr collab? im almost at 1k subs and it would be nice to collab

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