Making Zombs Royale Game On Scratch Full Tutorial -

Making Zombs Royale Game On Scratch Full Tutorial

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In this video I show you how to make Zombs Royale on Scratch. We will go though Every step of making the game and at the end you’ll have a basic working Zombs Royale (Battle Royale) game in your hand.

0:00 – Intro
2:30 – Making The Main Player
10:20 – Making a Scrolling Map
20:30 – Making a Weapon Box
33:15 – Making the Bullet
36:00 – Making the Enemy
41:30 – Enemy Bullet

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  1. this video bad i did evrything correct but it won't let me shoot

  2. it is confusing and long cant you please make a simpler way?

  3. Why don't you add the source link in your description …

  4. Please mention source link in your description ..

  5. how can the character go right because i failed to get the character right pls help by describing

  6. but the zombs royal needs more enemies and also needs more guns i will try to make in my video

  7. Can you give me link to play this game?

  8. next time do not talk a lot at the start it wastes time man but the video is good i love it

  9. hey, i have some suggestions. you can add cloud variables to make people from all over the world to play together, make squads and more
    but i don't know how to make multiplayer, could you please add it

  10. hey can you send a link of a zombie rayale game link in the description in my it period i will present it and it will be a big help

  11. the player is moving but the map is also so it glitch's out so i don't know what to do I have bin solving this for a year pleas solve it i will sub if you please man it is so hard to solve it and Wow! First time seeing a whole epic game tutorial within one video! Oh! Can you please make a tutorial on Tik Tak Toe? I tried a lot, and even completed everything , but the only place where I am stuck for months is how to make the project know if someone is winning?

  12. every project i copy always never complete

  13. my player goes around the screen when i do point towards mouse pointer. any tips?

  14. the box wouldnt apear even if not on edge

  15. can you make an online zombs royale game please

  16. The punch is sort of useless, so I it so if you punch the enemy, you damage it

  17. hey bro! your coding is very good!!!!!

  18. sorry for the year-late comment, but i wanna make multiple enemies. How do i do it?

  19. Could you do a tutorial on how to make a mini map

  20. Nice now I can make gaming role-plays and it is a full game!

  21. hi brother i like so much you videos , let me tell you that you are the best , and accept all my respects … really you are clever and you know how to make others learn how to work in scratch … since I followed your videos I liked scratch
    go on my brother and god bless you

  22. chris my enemy always disappears a i cant find it

  23. When I add point towards mouse pointer my character rotates around it. Any help?

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