*MAX* POWERS IN SUPERPOWER MODE! [24 Kills] // ZombsRoyale.io - lorenzroxsoftware.com

*MAX* POWERS IN SUPERPOWER MODE! [24 Kills] // ZombsRoyale.io

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In this video, I go into superpower mode and decided to try and get MAX powers and dominate the entire lobby. I even get 24 kills in one game. This was absolutely crazy gameplay of me playing superpower so hope you enjoy!
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  1. hey

    im the one in your discord that wanted to play with you and i delted you cuase you being reallly mean and your not my fav youtuber anymore unlegendery noob is cuase hes probly not as mean as you

  2. LegendaryJun : I Got 24 Kills
    Me: I got 5 kills

  3. I did that this morning lol too bad I didn't record it

  4. Imagine what it feels like to play solos after that,
    you'll be so slow
    you'll do no damage lol

  5. I hate to say this to u bro but this has already been thought of and done multiple times before.

  6. why the excessive spinning for though? Is it for being toxic or is there and actual benefit?

  7. Congrats on 9k MY DUDE i hope ur having an amazing dude i wanan see u to 10k soon GL
    noice vid as always

  8. The teamers were me and my little brother. I was trying to carry him to his first superpower victory. I was MD|SciFi, the guy you killed in Lucky Lake, the Ice Phoenix with Chainsaw wings.

  9. i just saw this vid and he killed me i was the second pop smoke he killed lol

  10. Dude got max power but didn’t think of picking up a mini gun

  11. Who thought it was samaju but then you had your doughts😂😂😂😂😂😂

  12. I think you deserve 100.M subs Same fore ramdomnooby 100.M

  13. Idk if any of y’all saw the amount of ar ammo he had in the second game… 10,000

    Edit: the time in the vid was 9:27

  14. Pog but uhh use a voice changer everyone thinks ur a kid

  15. vid idea: U cant lose any green health, you can lose shield health but not the regualar health 🙂

  16. hey when are you going to release more vid?

  17. Legendary Jun spins
    Me: Stop spinning…i feel so dizzy…

  18. what an amazing video. I tried getting as many kills as I could in a solo game and got 17. But i've never tried it in superpowers mode. Great vid jun. Ur vids never cease to make my day 🙂

  19. “Might take a few tries”
    proceeds to get max power in first game

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