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*MIRROR* CHALLENGE [ZombsRoyale.io]

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In this video, I attempt one of the harder challenges I have tried during my ZR career where I must only use weapons when the opponent has the same weapon as me. Hope you guys enjoy this video and have a good day.
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  1. the game is dead rn but this was honestly interesting to watch especially bc i havent played in a bit

  2. what was that new battle royale game that was coming out jun

  3. 9:00 jun cheated and I was like ok where is the pump and when she or he died the looting noob looting lmao what the heck is that loadout dude

  4. Again bro it’s fire 🔥 lol u cutted out the deaths top notch also what’s the music name

  5. dad challenge: go into a duos round and leave your partner and never come back 🥶

  6. r u Brick from the Heck family? Idk man your voice just sounds very similar

  7. @LegendaryJun Ben dover, love the super smash bros song

  8. when would that boring as ramdonooby upload again?

  9. Challenge idea, in order to get a weapon ( for example a purple mp5, you need to get a common, then uncommon, than rare until you can use it. If a guns base rarity is uncommon, you can start from that

  10. 3:37
    You can see at this point that that guy had a shotgun and even you had a shotgun. So that kill did not go against the theme of the challenge!

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