Mobile Tips | Zombsroyale (getting guud) -

Mobile Tips | Zombsroyale (getting guud)

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*internet dies*


  1. Can you show how to log in zomb royale Io on mobile

  2. Great tips I use to have 3.62kd no I have 12.71kd and have gain over a hundred wins since using these tips. Thanks dude your a true savior 👍🏼👌🙏💯

  3. Bro I got killed by you so many times before lol I was Exoticteaxrs

  4. But how do u know the enemy’s are there ( the pink dots )

  5. I got super gud myself but I still learned a lot from u

  6. I learned that u can move quicker with hands by u

  7. When the loading circle comes on when he puts it on to

  8. Tsk the thumb that controls the power
    – unlgendary Noob

  9. why was i lagging so hard at the end? relateable?

  10. I literally thought that my internet was slow 😂😂😂 you fooled me so good

  11. i want to ask how do u do emotes on moblie

  12. The fake buffering actually tricked me for a second

  13. Man those days when we used to get 100 players a lobby and active lobbies and competitive players and now we get noobs and 70 player lobbies and dead and dry lobbies

  14. Thank you bro u made me better at it lol

  15. at 3:33 you could have known of the fool because if you pause it the circle will stop if u play it it will move and if you have the real lag if you pause it, the circle will still keep on going so thats how you know if it lags or not

    Edit: oops i forgot one more thing. you can look at the video seconds to see if it moves or stays.

  16. How do you spin on mobile cause everytime I try my gun shoots

  17. How to switch weapons with out shooting

  18. i always play claw but its painful switching guns

  19. I just got killed by you a few minutes ago 😂

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