My 600th Video -

My 600th Video

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Today I played zombsroyale and had to dodge all the bullets that came my way. also this my 600th video. SUB


TheFatRat – Unity x Megalovania

Kevin Macleod – Meatball Parade

Harris Heller – Endless Drift

Bobby Cole – Trance Music For Racing Game



  1. Dude is upset that he didnt get 10 kills when he won without taking damage. I cant even win with heals. Nice 600 videos, all of them are the best and im glad to see you growing.

  2. Why you use shield although you'll just leave after a bullet hits you:
    Maybe for better resistance in gas/storm whatever u call it

  3. This challenge looks like a mystery movie lol. Watch your steps, one bullet is death

  4. The fact that he is more scared of the bots than the actual people. Lol😂

  5. I am still supporting you for 2 reasons: 1) you are not any other ZR youtubers 2) Your shout 😀

  6. Do you play zombs royale From Google?

  7. bro congrads…. just had nastolgia of the mobile days lmao

  8. I counted the vids it was only 587 vids….

    JK LOL Congrats my man!

  9. Yeah i hear the heater i am in OH CANAAADAAAA

  10. THIS GUY IS A LEGEND… u inspired me to do videos 😀

  11. are you still in a clan??????? just asking i you dont want to its ok

  12. Unlegendarynoob: using heals
    Me: what's the point it's 1 tap ur gone
    Unlegendarynoob: realizes after his last round

  13. The only reason why I'm still loving zr is becoz of u….5:23 that scream got me laughing LMAO

  14. Bro i love ur videos i watch them everyday and i want let the koala family members become more and more ……

  15. 2 videos in 1 there is also a video of nit getting shot but he coulnt do it but he did it here!


  17. Your gonna reach 100k as soon as possible

  18. wow! i dont know how to say but wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. I quit zr this week after around 4-5 years (since game release) but I will forever watch u

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