My First Event Wins on my New Phone 😳 | Zombs Royale -

My First Event Wins on my New Phone 😳 | Zombs Royale

ZR Snake
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(also im playing on iphone 13 gg)


  1. Such an excellent video 🙂 i enjoyed it to absolute bits 🙂

  2. Is your new phone the same size as your old one and are you still playing the same claw or a whole new one?

  3. ZWW did a game in oce? because I saw all these no skins complaining 'GO BACK TO WEST'

  4. Ik you did another hand cam but I was wondering how you position the left side of your hand because your middle finger is directly on top but I’ve tried it and feels uncomfortable also where do you put your fingers at the back of your phone?

  5. Bro it's apple or some other company ????
    Btw ur skillz are still same….

  6. nice videooo. i love the songs, rap is not my style tbh. the clips are so good :). #ZrSnakeOp 😎

  7. Snake pleaseeeee why not going the game After the new update on mobile 😭😭😭 Does he get into your game?

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