My Sleep Schedule Made Me Worse -

My Sleep Schedule Made Me Worse

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today I am a waste man. but zombsroyale does not stop.


TheFatRat – Unity x Megalovania

Attack On Titan S4 Trailer Theme (PokeMixr Cover)

Harris Heller – Endless Drift



  1. Bruh!
    You can even entertain while at night

  2. ayoo do face it bein long time u did not do face

  3. ur the reason why everybody is playing zombs.

  4. Nice vid and btw I don't sleep at night bc I sleep in morning did I ezly get angry in the morning so isleep at morning and play at night

  5. my 200 dollars air maxes bubble popped at school;-;

  6. Ayy bruh I'm a big sneaker head seafoam green air Jordan 1s fire!!!

  7. It was superpowers yesterday u should have played + unlegendary noob shoe reveal

  8. lol he haven't played in 2 days but he is still killing everyone in the lobby

  9. ZHC showing an ipad: okay cool
    UnlegendaryNoobshowing a shoe: WOW I WANT THAT

  10. ayoooo jordans lol im gonna get the 11s and the royals jordan 1s

  11. Hi Unlegendarynoob.
    I'm a big fan.
    I wanted you to do a challang – RPG ONLY
    In this challenge you can only use RPG (can use heals)

  12. Pro, he got air Jordans, Jordans are the best

  13. 7:48 ohhhh AHEUAFNUANRFUAHRTHHHHH lol the voice is like noobs voice

  14. I wanna play zr so bad but my pc is spoiled 🙁

  15. it’s okay I poured orange juice onto my cereal yesterday

  16. Can u teach me to play like that I buyed membership

  17. love how he is still playing and entertaining us more and more

  18. can we 1v1 again i was fate wolf
    plzzz you so gooodddddd

  19. im a bit of a sneaker head… the Jordan Seafoam's are soooo clean! im actually thinking of getting a pair :/

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