My Zombs Royale Journey -

My Zombs Royale Journey

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Thank you for this amazing journey! This is a full documentary (I’m not joking lol) of my Zombs Royale evolution from November 2018 to January 2022. I put my heart, soul, and every ounce of my being into this video for the past several weeks.
I included lots of clips from over the years, but also several big moments. Overall, I tried to make this the best quality video I’ve ever made, with all the little things I did that you may not have noticed. From the timeline format split into little segments with some of my most memorable songs from that era, to all of the moments I included from over the years, to the proportions of clips to moments, I tried to give everyone watching the big picture of my entire journey, including (I really tried to make sure I didn’t miss anybody) as many people as I could, while also showing my evolution of trickshots and skill level.
If you can tell from the credits, you guys mean the world to me, and this experience will be something that I will remember for the rest of my life.
Thank you to Bera for the thumbnail!
| Songs |
Deaf Kev – Invincible:
Elektronomia – Energy:
Elektronomia – Limitless:
Vanze – Forever:
Janji – Heroes Tonight:
Jim Yosef & Anna Yvette – Linked:
Ship Wrek & Zookeepers – Ark:
T-Mass – Ignoring My Heart:
Clarx – Bones:
Lost Sky – Fearless:
Slippy – Form:
Machina – Pixel Terror:
24kgold – Mood:
Thekidszn – Leave Me Alone:
Rarin – So What?:
The Kid Laroi – Always Do:
Legends Never Die:
My 35 Best Videos:


  1. Thank you durant for keeping zr alive while you did; i fully understand why you made this decision and me the zr community would like to thank you for everything you've done up until this point.
    The world may have been heavily impacted by a certain "covid" but me and everyone elses heart have similarly been heavily impacted by your amazing videos on the channel. Saying goodbye is gonna be hard, you and me included, but this experience of your incredible montages and clips will be unforgetful to everyone. ZR have lost lots of zr legends last year, GUMP, ramdonooby, Leadbraw, blump, centarus,samaju etc. And now you will be added to that crazy list. So thank you for your time at zr from the fans out there, wish you the best in future, GOODBYE LEGEND❤❤❤…..

  2. Hey Durant, you were the person I looked up to when I started playing ZR. Watching your montages got me so good at trickshotting, and I really appreciate that. Your clips contest was so fun and creative, and I was sad to see it end. GL moving on and I hope this doesn’t sound too cheesy lmao. Peace

  3. If you do quit you gonna do an account givaway

  4. Sad to see you go u and sn noob inspired me to start at and now I am really good and I’m in IMR peace man gl in life

  5. we will miss u man, you kept some of us to still be active in the community. you were and big inspiration to not only me, but most of your subs too.

    thank u… <3

  6. I swear all the good zr youtubers are quiting why!

  7. cya. i enjoyed watching your vids, but the game is kinda dead now, so i understand. idk why u would quit yt tho, u have a big fanbase if u just play another game or post whatever u want u could probably get monetized. understandable either way tho, i could never have time for yt with school and everything. you seem like a nice person, and i wish i could've gotten to know you

  8. why is it sad totally not becuase i watched him ever sence his 20th video and i learned so much thanks for teching me to be better player good luck on your future and dreams i wish u luck cya durant!!

  9. Hey Durant.. I'm really sorry I missed the premiere, I just wanna say, we love your vids, and we are gonna miss you.. you inspired me to become a ZR YouTuber.. I'm a mobile player in my vids and I haven't uploaded mobile zr in a while, bc it's kinds hard to find the WANT to do that.. I'm really gonna miss you.. if you still play zombs, I'll add you if you want.. I atleast wanna play 1 game with you.. since your leaving us.. if you decide to ever come back, we will be here and welcome you as if you never left 😉

  10. Thanks for all the great videos through out the years they where great

  11. Love you do much Durant keep up da good work

  12. rip ur quiting yt but there is a second chance for everything ig

  13. And we see another legend move on. Are you going to post any other content?

  14. Thank you for what you've done for the community and I hope you have a great future ahead of you outside YouTube and ZR!

  15. Thank you Durant for staying in the zr community 😊 we will miss you 😞

  16. Thank you Durant35 you will always be remembered as a legend to the zr community! Luv u! Bye!

  17. you have been an inspiration to us all, and I thank you for your time on yt, it’s always been a joy to watch your content.

  18. It’s me juju I don’t know if u remember me I was in nades with p1xeled clea. Hope u the best

  19. See ya! Hope whatever else u decide to do goes well.

  20. durant is the first zr youtuber i watched, i looked up to you everyday when playing zr bc u r also on mac
    ill miss u :sob:


  22. gl in life man wise decision you made <3

  23. durant im gonna miss you but it was a great run and your content was able to make me and others smile 🙂 enjoy life to the fullest

  24. Durant i think i played zombs in 2019. I had no inspiration nor did I know any youtubers bac then. Now im cracked all cuz of u and sn noob. I watched both ur plays carefully and applied the same in all of my games. People called me cracked bro..Its so sad seeing anither legend go.My dream was to see u 1 v 1 sn noob 1 day..Really would like to see these 2 legends to 1 v 1…god of skills trickshots vs god of switches and doorplayz….Loved being with u and going with u all the way till the end.Will miss u man…<33333———–Dr3am-sign out

  25. Heya Durant, long time since I've played this and I remember u a long time ago keep it up!

  26. Sad to watch Ty for all you have done to the ZR community

  27. First video I can comment on where it is not bad or rude comments, love you durantypoo

  28. If I had a dollar for every Durant video I’ve watched I would have $538

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