Nerf Trident -

Nerf Trident

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Today I played zombsroyale and the trident is broken at first but see what happens next


TheFatRat – Unity x Megalovania



  1. the amount of times he said bruh when the finds two tridents

  2. Everyone: Wants to enjoy the trident when they can actually do damage
    UnlegendaryNoob: Nerf trident

  3. wait that was actually u lol. i killed u and u killed me the game after f

  4. he said he had he spead pot but it was a question mark lol

  5. 3:37
    I think he said 3rd game on go easy win.But did he get the win.😂

  6. 0:26 ayo wtf did anyone else see the mythic assault shotgun????

  7. You said easy 25 when you took more than 25 damage trying to hit the player. I don't think its a "easy 25".

  8. I love how this video has no trident epic kills.

  9. UnlegendaryNoob: trident to op

    Me: im bad at trident

    UnlegendaryNoob: AAAYYYOOO MAN WHAT YOU SAYING??!!

  10. bruh i haven't played for like a year and a half so many changes

  11. pov: you are counting how many times unlegendary noob said "bruh"

  12. UnlegendaryNoob you good I watch you ever day

  13. I am in physical pain because the vid is 8:59 minutes long and not 9:00 minutes ._.

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