*NEW 1V1 SERIES!!* | 1v1 vs. Chaos in Zombs Royale! - lorenzroxsoftware.com

*NEW 1V1 SERIES!!* | 1v1 vs. Chaos in Zombs Royale!

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Hey guys, I’m back and starting a new 1v1 series. I originally created my channel to do ZombsRoyale 1v1s so why not stick to the roots and go back to doing 1v1s and officially starting a series where I upload constant 1v1s so let’s just see how this goes.

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  1. 1:37

    I love the fact that the grenade disappeared lmao

  2. I feel bad for chaos 4:13 what a fucking Pinch R.I.P Chaos lmfao nice vid tho Troopie

  3. I think this is one of the best 1v1s in zr history in my opinion

  4. Dude what are the names of the music in this video bro please tell me also great video like always I’m enjoying it a lot

  5. 1v1 dd once again so we can see a 4-1 or 4-0

  6. well i can tell ima be watching a lot more of 1v1s

    i love the 1v1 series
    pog ggs

    my disc disablede bro 🙁

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