*NEW* FAMAS & GIFT LAUNCHER Weapons Update! | Zombs Royale.io - lorenzroxsoftware.com

*NEW* FAMAS & GIFT LAUNCHER Weapons Update! | Zombs Royale.io

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Hi guys! In the video, I will be going over a new weapons update that just came out in zombs royale! I will be finding the new FAMAS and GIFT LAUNCHER that were just added to zombs royale.io! Hope you enjoy the video! Please like, subscribe, and watch my other videos! Happy holidays!

Also, the Gift Launcher weapon has been updated so that it shoots like four explosive ornaments now instead of one! This new buff makes the weapon overpowered now! In addition, the FAMAS is really good for peaking and doorflicks as it has high, short burst firerate.

0:00 – Intro
0:18 – Gift Launcher
3:00 – Famas
6:35 – Outro

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5K Subscriber Montage will come out next video!

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  1. At first I was a little skeptical about the FAMAS, but now I think it is a pretty good weapon, in general, as it performs amazing for doorflicks and peaking. Also, the buff on the gift launcher now amkes that gun much more fun to use and OP.ALSO PORTAL UPDATE!5K Montage coming SOON!Hope you enjoy the short video!

  2. these weapons will legit not to anything to competitive zr legit the famas is trash and so is that stupid gift launcher , however nice video , nice commentating , nice editing

  3. Lol ramdonooby it has an identical sound to the XM8 when you shoot it

  4. ramdon noobye i dont have gems i askin you buy me som pls

  5. “The famas is good for peeking”

    *UnlegendaryNoob has entered the chat*

  6. Theres lag in ramdonooby game or is it my phone😭😂

  7. 5:36 no xm8 for famas just because it new dont mean u gotta use it i mean u wanna win right?

  8. Aye what’s your discord I can give you ideas for challenges pls

  9. Ayyy ramdonooby I was in your games 2 times I tried looking for you but I couldn't find you RIP


  11. @ramdonooby Ur soooo much better than jun that’s just what I think no hate to jun! 🙂

  12. Famas is like yeah, kinda good kinda bad, but when i heard of gift launcher, wtf, why is it back!!!!?????????

  13. You look SO sweaty because of new gun LOL😂😂😂

  14. Great content, but pls don't abuse pog, got a little annoying ngl

  15. Srry to ask but what is your discord server? Could you put the link in the reply.

  16. The famous got buffed and now the rare one does 16

  17. The gift launcher increases the granades to equal amounts if kills u have

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